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Sites + pikumon

Post by aquapyrofan » Thu May 11, 2017 4:33 pm

All the EvoCrit sites except Clikrit are password protected; this includes pikumon because a lot of vital features need to be coded and set up, as well as art and lore needing to be added.

There was also some downtime due to a possible attack on the network, it has been resolved.

The other sites are planned to include:
  • Daegom Hive, a bee-dragon breeding and raising game.
  • Pixel Pixies, an outfit-based species game.
  • A CardTamers based game.
  • Charm Pets, a creature raising, breeding, and fighting game.
  • Caedyr Clan, a breeding and lore-based species game.
  • Mythikits, a mythical kitten collecting game.
  • Tail Monsters, a collection game.
  • Foxfairy Den, a raising, collection, and mission-based game.
  • A site built specifically for adoptables, and to make dealing with them easier.
  • A game based on my plane creatures, still an unnamed species currently.
I'm also planning to (eventually) have a system to streamline customs for my projects. If you have any suggestions for other projects of mine to include, feel free to suggest them here.

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Sites pikumon

Post by Michaelzew » Fri Aug 16, 2019 3:49 pm

Tintin - yes, I visited Avalon Library and many other sites. They just dont have the kind of books Im looking for.
thank you.

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