Clikrit Progress & Plans

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Clikrit Progress & Plans

Post by aquapyrofan » Thu May 11, 2017 1:02 am

Clikrit is an in-progress click adoptable site and part of the Evocrit network.

There aren't many species yet, but I'm working on remedying that. There's a lot of features and more are being added daily.

You may not create more than one account for any reason.
Current Features wrote:These are features which, while they work, may not necessarily be fully implemented yet.
  • Click to level up creatures
  • Exploration, with energy depletion
  • Random creatures from the main adopt page
  • Pet Profiles (what's currently in place could look better, but works well enough)
  • Mini Pets and held items
  • Display of health, energy, and mood
  • Sidebar that shows "active" pet, species, health, and energy
  • Forums (using MyBB) with automatic account creation upon signing up to the main site (Currently down for maintenance)
  • Display of rarity and variant status for hatched creatures
  • Trading
  • Daycare to click young creatures
  • Mobile responsive site theme
  • Creature Personalities
  • Creature bios
  • Alchemy to combine items
  • Items can drop when clicking creatures
  • Limiting creature clicks
  • Realistic/logical pet diets
  • Pet growth requires items
  • Encyclopedia to view species
In Progress Features wrote:These are features that don't entirely work as desired or are in the process of being created.
  • Breeding
  • Battle System
  • More areas to explore
  • Hunger System
  • Misc. Mysidia quality of life fixes
Planned Features wrote:These are features which are planned but haven't been added yet.
  • Elemental battle system, with skill teaching
  • Random events happening
  • Better Profiles
  • Partial daily energy restore
  • Limited shop stock and restocking
  • NPC interaction
  • Better site theme switching
  • Fully animated sprites
The art is all done by me, the site uses the Mysidia adoptable script for its functions. Suggestions and bug reports are welcome in their respective boards.

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Clikrit Progress Plans

Post by KamLerb » Wed Aug 14, 2019 6:35 pm

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